Meet Top African Female Celebrities Who Bleached Their Skins – Before and After Photos

Colorism is still rampant in today’s society, and it’s no secret that people with lighter complexion are given more attention by the entertainment industry. It’s tragic that some famous people have bleached their skin to increase their chances of earning leading roles due to this misconception.

One may say that bleaching is a common approach for people to alter their appearance in the country. Several famous people have done it, and we want to take note of it. We still support our black women, but everyone has the right to do what makes them happy.

Khumalo Kelly

Kelly Khumalo is a famous South African star who is open and honest about the fact that she has lightened her skin.

In the past, the Grammy-winning musician has disclosed on Instagram that she uses skin lightening pills and creams, with glutathione being her primary prescription of choice.

While we can’t say for sure that Kelly Khumalo is safe to bleach, the fact that she seems to be comfortable with it is of paramount importance.

Mbau Khanyi

In the case of Khanyi Mbau, one of the South African celebrities who bleached her skin, she is one of the women who is unapologetic about her decision.

Since she was not born with a naturally pale complexion, the actress decided to bleach her skin and reports that it is doing its job.

Khanyi Mbau has even revealed how much money she spends each month to achieve her desired skin tone. The prominent figure has received enough of criticism for her behavior, but she has a thick skin and doesn’t care one bit about the backlash.

Performing artist Vera Sidika




Because of her role in P-You Unit’s Guy video, she has gone from being a video vixen to a bona fide Hollywood star. Vera Sidika has lightened her complexion, and she has said that the procedure was not cheap. In what could be seen as a return on her investment in skin lightening, she used her popularity to launch a successful business and host lavish parties.

Toke Makinwa.

TV host or hostess Toke Makinwa is another public figure who has discussed the effects of bleaching on her appearance.

In her memoir On Becoming, she writes that she began using skin lightening products because she became convinced that her ex-husband had a preference for blondes. Toke, a blogger herself, is proud of the results of her bleaching and doesn’t care what others think.

The trend setter is also not coy about the fact that she had plastic surgery to get her physique just right. She’s a strong, independent woman who doesn’t care what the naysayers think.

As reported by Opera News.