Meet Thembi Seete’s son and his baby daddy in real life

Thembi Seete is a well-known and significant figure in South Africa (generally called Thembi Seete). One name by which you may be familiar with her is Gladys Dlamini. She is a kind social worker with street smarts.

Thembi Seete first encountered the outside world in April 2018 at the age of 40. In an effort to have fun and commemorate her kid’s birthday, Thembi shared a photo of herself and her four-year-old son online.

Thembi Seete was formerly a member of Boom Shaka, but it’s difficult to find images of him online because he appears to be overly protective of his child. It is believed that Collen Mashawana, who owns a highly prosperous company in Limpopo, is the father of Thembi Seete.

It was organized by Collen, who serves as the CEO of Afribiz Invest Pty. Ltd. They still care for their child jointly despite rumors that they have moved away. Thembi Seete began dating Collen after her ex split up with her. Lebo Gunguluza’s marriage in Mauritius ended months of conjecture and provided conclusive evidence that they were a couple.

Prince Mashawana was born to Collen’s ex-wife, Legacy performer Lerato Moloi, in 2012.








It’s possible that Thembi Seete is a single mother who has never been wed. Thembi was previously married to the performer Bobo “Bo” Seritsane before dating Collen Mashawana.

Some claim to have started dating in 2007 after first meeting in 2006. They dated for a very long time, but they never wed. They also stopped seeing each other in 2017.

If and when the performer plans to get married, we’ll let you know.

Thembi Seete and her child live in a house on Greenstone Hill, which is east of Johannesburg. A fantastic place to live. Thembi Seete spent R50,000 in order to keep her apartment throughout the extended season of 2021. 16 responsibilities’ components have been skipped since March 2019, costing $50,000.

Thembi Seete is a mother both in real life and on television, which is generally known. Ntokozo Dlamini finds himself surrounded by undesirables if he doesn’t stand far enough away from his parents to be seen. Teddy Ntokozi Dlamini is portrayed by Ntobeko Sishi. He holds degrees in project management, money management, and performing arts.