Meet Thembi Seete’s Baby Daddy And Son

One of South Africa’s most well known VIPs is Thembi Seete (generally called Thembi Seete). Gladys Dlamini, the street splendid social worker with a significant heart, is one name you would see her by.

Sort out who Thembi Seete’s youth is and scrutinized more about the performer’s own personal arrangement of encounters.

At the hour of’s first experience with the world in April 2018, Thembi Seete was 40 years old. To praise her young person’s fourth birthday festivity by means of online amusement, Thembi posted a picture of herself and her child together.

Since Thembi Seete, a past Boom Shaka part, radiates an impression of being irately cautious of his youngster, finding pictures of him on the web is hard.




Thembi Seete’s alleged father is Limpopo-imagined business incredibly rich individual Collen Mashawana.

Zalebs snapped this photograph.

Afribiz Invest Pty. Ltd. was laid out by Collen, who fills in as its CEO. Pieces of gossip have it that they’ve isolated, yet they continue to co-parent their child. After Thembi Seete’s ex done for up with her, Thembi and Collen began dating. Lebo Gunguluza’s Mauritius wedding supported their relationship after a huge stretch of hypothesis.

Collen had a kid, Prince Mashawana, with his ex, Legacy performer Lerato Moloi, whom he married in 2012.

Thembi Seete may be a solitary parent and unmarried. Thembi married performer Bobo “Bo” Seritsane before dating Collen Mashawana.

There have been stories that they met in 2006 and began dating in 2007. Following dating for an extensive time span, they never got hitched and removed their companionship in 2017.

We’ll illuminate you concerning whether and when the performer expects to be hitched.

Arranged on Greenstone Hill, east of Johannesburg, the home of Thembi Seete and her youngster is a wonderful spot to call home.

During the drawn out season of 2021, Thembi Seete paid R50,000 to make an effort not to be ousted from her space. Since March 2019, 16 obligation portions have been skipped, coming to fruition in a $50,000 greenback.

A mother, in reality, and on TV, Thembi Seete is an ordinarily perceived name. If Ntokozo Dlamini doesn’t stand adequately apart to be seen from his mother and father, he wraps up enveloped by a few inadmissible kind of people.

Teddy Ntokozi Dlamini is played by Ntobeko Sishi, a performer, craftsman, and specialist with degrees in monetary issues, cash, and undertaking.