Meet the popular JUB Jub’s Mysterious Wife

Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, a.k.a Jub, is one of the best entertainers in Msanzi. Not simply has he conveyed presumably the best hip-hop hits, but he has similarly graced our TV screens since he was a youngster.

What’s more, remembering that we realize a ton about Jub’s life, from his time in jail, his past relationship with Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo, which were circled by a lot of conflicts, one thing that Jub has kept very covered up is his better half.

In the spirit of smothering your advantage, we have a few flavorful information about Mrs. Jub that you will love.

Jub’s significant other is called Pinnacle ‘Zee’ Mia. She is an exquisite brunette from Cape Town with Italian family line.




Reports similarly show that this bewildering woman who won Jub’s adoration is the top of a music and redirection firm arranged in Jo’burg called Unprecedented Assortment Redirection.

Regardless of the way that this marriage has been kept incredibly covered up, obviously close to being a couple, Jub and Pinnacle are moreover partners.

In like manner, is that this woman has an exceptional sensation of plan. If you’ve been contemplating where Jub gets his flawless plunder, it’s, actually, his life partner.

While various women dread prisoners and ex-convicts and wouldn’t really consider get to know them, let date them, evidently Pinnacle Mia is of a substitute assortment.




The subsequent she recently saw Jub in prison uniform, she reasoned that he was the best one for her.

In a past gathering, Jub uncovered that he met his future mate while completing his jail discipline for manslaughter; how genuine is that?

Tending to Metro FM in 2018, Jub uncovered that his significant other had remained with him all through his outright base all through regular day to day existence.

“She was there beforehand, she stood separated through my prison term, through the difficulties, she never condemned me, she never castigated me, she never looked at me in a substitute kind of way.” He said.

According to Jub, their’s was all consuming, moment love. He moreover uncovered that his life partner saved solid areas for him serving his jail term. Isn’t all that sweet?

Taking into account how private Jub has kept his marriage and mate, it is truly ill defined when the two individuals in affection got hitched.

In any case, evidently the two might have hitched not long after Jub was liberated from prison in 2017, and a few has been living in classified charm starting there forward.