Meet The Most Beautiful Lady That Recently Left Everyone Impressed In #SingleAndMingle. See Pictures

Meet The Most Beautiful Lady That Recently Left Everyone Impressed In #SingleAndMingle. See Pictures

Source: Hashtag #SingleAndMingle Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode



Mzansi were left impressed and happy with the couple that went to blind date. named Andile and lady named Mbalenhle recently had blind date and their date was amazing as they managed to impressed their fans in social media. Many viewers loved the beauty of the lady.

The guy is saying that his not someone who cheat but he was out of order not to pay attention to his previous girlfriend. He said the reason they break up with his 5 years girlfriend is because she was too focused. They stood dating while they were in high school after they passed matric.

Mbalenhle has only been single for a week or two before writing to#SingleAndMingle. Fans and viewers think thay Mbalenhle left the relationship while she was still in it, girl had her healing journey while she still dating.

The lady was disappointed that the guy is too forwards and he talks you much. She said that she is looking for someone who will be honest and respect. She said that she does not mind him being too forwards as long as he respect her

The guy does not have a baby and he said he does not have to give his girlfriend money. The lady said she can’t don50/50 and also the guy said he want someone who will bring something in the table. He said that he knows how to wash clothes, wash dishes and cook. H said that he need someone with sense of humor who nows how to use money when he gives her.

The lady ha a problem with someone who does not have a car. Her ex boyfriend had a car and she said that it’s hard to adjust from moving from a boyfriend with a car to someone who does not have a car. The lady is literally comparing the guy with her previous boyfriend because he had car and the guy does not hav

The lady was also disappointed with the hight of the guy. She said she was looking for a tall guy and that she have a problem it a short guy.

The couple looks good together and the viewers were happy that the were both happy with each other and ready to mingle together.