Meet The First Woman To Confess On National TV That She Is Cheating Since Her Man Is Broke #Uyajola

People always write to Uya Jola9/9 whenever they suspect that their partners, wives, husbands are doing so stuff behind their backs, they are ready for confrontation after the crew has done their investigations, but sometimes the outcomes are not exactly what the writer was hoping for since some gets dumped as the cheater chooses the other person, sometimes the people become violent and refuse to explain just like the lady who was cheating on this poor guy, when they confronted her, she was at a hostel and she was not happy at all, she actually was shouting at her boyfriend questioning him why he brought cameras.

After Jub Jub and the crew managed to track down the woman, they went on and knocked on the door which they were told that this lady was inside and this was no ordinary door, it was a door at a hostel, that means there could be danger looking since people who says in hostels are known to be dangerous people.

When the lady finally came out, she was not a happy person at all, she started by telling her boyfriend that he is an embarassment and he knows that he found her at a hostel, she even told her that she is going there because he can’t provide for her since he is unemployed and broke, she told him to go and hustle for her so that she can stop going to the hostel.

“You found me at a hostel and don’t disrespect me like, don’t tell me rubbish, you don’t give me money to do my hair, I get what I want her since you can’t afford me, don’t come her and talk rubbish, why don’t you go out and hustle for me like a man? And you Jub Jub are too forward. I have no side of any story, he knows exactly what he is doing,” she said.

The unapologetic woman was not done, she also went on and added that what her boyfriend did was a stupid move since he should have spoken to her, but she maiantained that she was at the hsotel because there is someone who is able to give her money for her needs and since then, she lqcks absolutely nothing for that matter.

“Why are you embarrassing me like this? Why don’t you tell them what it is that you are not doing right? I have found someone who is doing everything for me, I lack nothing, I’ve been telling you for a long time, I told you many times that I don’t want you anymore since you are no longer working,” she said.

Despite the drama from this woman,several gunshots were fired when they were still at the hostel, they had to rush to their cars and get away from the hostel, Jub Jub and his crew had to duck and dive as they rush to the cars to get away from the hostel and viewers noticed that one of Jub Jub’s protection services was actually armed as well since the cameras spotted him with his pistol drawn out, he was ready to fight back should it get to that point.

Uya Jola viewers were left in great shock after spotting the gun, but at the same time they praised the show and the host for his bravery saying they are fear less and would go anywhere to confront the cheater.