Meet The First Musician To Confess After He Blew R2 Million On Drugs

When it comes to money people blew it. Both man and female have hard time managing their finances when they have millions in their accounts. We have seen many people going on #IBlewIT and explaining how they blew millions because of the fame and fun.

Not long ago we have seen one of former boxing champion who blew R56 Million back in 90s and today he is left with nothing. He have nothing to show. This proves that black people does not know how to manage their finances when they have money.

One of social media user took to social media where he reminded us that one of our own South African businessman once also blew millions for drugs. Many fans were left stitched because it’s not many time we see celebrities confessing to have blew millions for something like drugs.



Mzansi were left stitched after Facebook user #South African Classic Music revealed about how Kabelo Mabalane once blew R2 million on drugs.

With caption: “Our kwaito legend Kabelo Mabalane opened up about how he spent 2 million on drugs! But now he is a changed person and is now a pastor and he is on a mission on helping those with addiction that he used to have on drugs” he wrote.

Kabelo Mabalane is one of few , people who also came out to speaks about how he once suffer from drug addictions. God has been very faithful to him that he made him quit and for us on god. I’ve been following him he is servant of God. He is truly anointed man of God to deliver his people from darkness and wickedness of the world.

Those people who are writing to #IBlewIT after they blew millions need financial assistance. Black people are suffering because they can’t handle having millions in their accounts. After 2 years of having money they end up broke and end up living with SASSA