Meet The First Man Who Refuse To Pay Lobola To His 3 Wife’s & Want Them To Do This In #Mnakwethu

Meet The First Man Who Refuse To Pay Lobola To His 3 Wife’s & Want Them To Do This In #Mnakwethu

Sources: Hashtag #Mnakwethu Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

Musa Mseleku Is Left off gut after hearing the man who want three wife. For the first time we hear Musa Mseleku who is the host of the show to respect the man named Mphahlele but does not understand his reasons of taking three wife’s without paying lobola to any of them.

Linda who is the host of the season finally of Mnakwethu were left impressed after seeing Mphahlele and his three wife’s wearing all white outfits. He said his family is wearing white because it symbolize peace in his family.

Viewers have been feeling sorry for Mphahlele’s wife’s after he said the reason he add new person in his marriage is because there is a problem among his other two wife’s. His first wife has left everyone talking in social media after she was seen laughing at the whole situation. Mzansi were left talking after noticing that the first wife is agreeing to anything that he says.

According to Mseleku, tradition does not require the Men to seek permission from the first wife to take a second wife? That requirement is because of democracy.





Mphahlele is the leader of men’s conference. He was heard saying that his wives must pay their lobola with the money his giving them to start a business. He said he is a bank manager but he does not have money to pay lobola to his wifes.

This man is really here coming to ask for wife number three when he hasn’t finished paying lobola for semi wife number first and the first girlfriend who doesn’t consider herself a girlfriend.

Viwers has been saying that Mphahlele is a con man. Mzansi is convinced that he is a chancer who does not have money. Viewers is convinced that this man will end up with 20 girlfriends all waiting in line for their own businesses so they can save up and pay for their own lobola or weddings.

Women really need to do better. Women must be taught that marriage is not an achievement. And that we don’t need men to survive we only need a job or a business to keep us going. If we enter a relationship it must be based on love and nothing else.
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