Meet The First Man Who #Blew R13 Million Of Divorce Settlement Which Was Divided For His 22 Children

Mzansi Is Left speechless after one of the most famous South African double boxing champion’s is expected to appear in the next coming episode of #IBlewIt. It’s sad that all the people who appear in this show have money problem. When they have money they don’t know what to do with it. They blew it as if there is no tomorrow.



It’s hard being a celebrity. Celebrities are taking advantage thinking that just because they are celebrities they have to sleep around and make babies. This is one of the most story that we hardly see in a long time.

There is a story of a man who is still unknown got everyone taking in all the social media platforms. He blew R13 Million after the divorce settlement with his wife. We already sense that this is going to be sad and heartbreaking story to listen more special when it said that this money was supposed to go straight division with his 22 children.

According to the source #IBlewIt, the man is a former South African boxing champion. He got involved in divorced ssettlement which at the end of the divorce he got R13 million. According to the source the miney was suppised to be divided amongs his 22 children and the guy choose to blew it.

It’s heartbreaking that his children might not have been given this opportunity of this money after the divorce. He went around d and have so many children. 22 children is not just 2 children it’s a lot of responding that really needed his attention. He wasn’t supposed to blew all the money alone and forget about his children.

The next episode of #IBlewIt story is expected to be on channel 163 this Saturday at 20:30. People don’t want to miss this season finale. Make sure you don’t miss this episode for more information about this man.

The law wasn’t fair to him it is his children he should support them like other man’s. Do not divide his millions because of divorce. This is a lesson to us men getting married might cost us big time.

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