Meet The Biyela Twins Who Recently Appeared In #ImboniYamaTekisi

Meet The Biyela Twins Who Recently Appeared In #ImboniYamaTekisi






#ImboniYamaTekisi one of the best reality shows Mzansi Magic has to offer. The show is showing us the life happening in the taxi rank how it feels to be a boss in a taxi industry.

Sabelo Ndaba who recently appeared in Mnakwethu is another witness who got shoot for taxi. Today’s episode we see lore details about the death of one of Biyela’s twin brother. Taxi industry is between life and death. This is the other reason why many taxi drivers can be mean at times.

Sabelo Ndaba is also a boss in the taxi association. He had explained how he also end up being in a wheelchair. Sabelo was Aldo shot while he was driving in a taxi, he was lucky to be alive.

Mzansi has been sending their rest in peace messages to the Biyela’s after the passing of Sakhile. Sakile was killed by one of the taxi associates. It Feels like Sakhile knew he was a target. Sakhile’s sixth senses were already telling him that something may happen or be planned against him. His promotion to secretary was motivation.

Sakhile was known from the Reality TV stars, “Twice as Bold” where they were with the Siko twins Owami and Olwethu. Sakhile and Thabani Biyela were also one of a supporting cast members who used to hang out with the twins.