Meet the beautiful daughters of actress Rami Chuene

Rami Chuene, a prominent figure in the South African entertainment industry, has not only captivated audiences with her talent but also with her proud representation of her native language, Sepedi. Her journey from the Etv drama “Backstage” to her impactful roles in various productions has cemented her status as a legend in the industry. Beyond her career, Rami embraces the role of a proud mother to three remarkable daughters.







Kefiloe Chuene-Mdutyulwa, Rami’s first-born, has shared the spotlight with her mother at several events. Recently, she tied the knot with radio and TV personality Smash Afrika. The couple also welcomed a baby boy, expanding their family circle. Kefiloe’s diverse talents shine as she wears multiple hats, from YouTube content creation to fashion designing and modeling.

Nthateng Chuene, Rami’s second child, made headlines with her graduation from Rhodes University, where she earned her BA degree. Her proud mother showcased the accomplishment on social media, underscoring Nthateng’s educational journey. Her passion for tattoos and her presence on platforms like OnlyFans, which garnered both attention and criticism, exemplify her individuality.

Botshelo Desando, Rami’s youngest daughter, is still a student. Her Instagram account reveals her pursuits as a model and a ballerina dancer. The striking resemblance between Botshelo and her father, Tshepo Desando, is evident, reflecting the bond between parent and child.

As Rami Chuene’s legacy continues to inspire and her career blossoms, her role as a mother and the unique journeys of her children further highlight her diverse influence. Through each daughter’s endeavors, the family demonstrates the power of embracing individuality and pursuing passions. Rami’s enduring legacy and her children’s individual stories mirror the complexity and beauty of life’s journey in the world of entertainment and beyond.