Meet Palesa: The First Woman To Proudly Admit Using ‘Makanana Vista’ Muthi On Her Man #UyaJola99

Uya Jola 99 is one TV show on South African TV that probably attract more viewers than any other show, people just can’t wait for it for the next Sunday to arrived after watching the previous episode and had fun as Jub Jub and his crew tackle a case brought to their attention by a desperate person who is suspecting that their partners are doing something behind their backs, they know that they are going to have a good time as they listen to what the people who are confronting each other say when one of them was caught in the act of cheating, the most recent episode has produced fire works after Palesa caught her man Hector cheating with a lady called Neo.

There has been speculations that some people (women in particular) use muti to keep their man, they make sure that they go to the traditional healers to get some sort of portions to use that will make sure that their partners never leave them for as long as they are still using that muti, but one wonders what will happen when the muti runs out of power, unfortunately for Palesa, she was cheated on though she was using her portion which she calls Makanana Vista’.




As the conversation continued, it got to a point where Palesa admitted that she used a certain portion to bath with which is the reason behind Hector’s staying with her that long, she proudly told Jub Jub that she used a certain muti which she washed herself with and it is the reason Hector could not leave her.

“I bathed with Makanana Vista, yes I used it and that is all you need to know, nothing less, nothing more, just take that Jub Jub, that is all you need to know,” she said as he tried to get her to explain what Makanana Vista is.

Social media went buzzing as viewers tried to put one and one together to find out what that could be, most of them just came with some images of some pink stuff which they believe it could be the love portion Palesa used, none of them was quite sure about anything, they just guessed.

Despite Palesa admitting to have used muti on her man, people were also suggesting that it never works since she has been cheated on not just one woman, but with two, that means her charm was not working as she thought it would.