Meet Our Sunday Profile: Carey Priscilla

Carey Priscilla is a Kenyan model, actor, and makeup artist who has worked with a number of celebrities. She currently appears on Inooro TV. Her Carey Beauty business on Nairobi’s Koinange Street is also open to the public. She is a beauty influencer, a model, and an actress. She’s bold, defiant, and arguably the epitome of a church at odds with the world. A millennial in his prime. Carey was born Priscilla Wangari and raised in Nairobi’s Buru Buru neighborhood in a conservative Akorino family with strong standards. She has defied nearly every norm she was taught as a child and into adulthood.

Carey is a social butterfly who revels in her life and fame’s opulence. She’s a celebrity by Kenyan standards, with over 300,000 internet followers, media appearances, and regular appearances on local TV shows. Her Instagram bio states, “For all faultless glam.” It’s no coincidence.

She’s also inspired other young people in the faith, particularly women, to challenge some of the faith’s “oppressive customs” and become more self-reliant. “These days, a growing number of ladies in my church wear cosmetics. They also dress in ways that enable them to achieve their goals. To church, my sisters put on makeup. Manicure and pedicure services are also provided.”

The businesswoman has a strong need for fashion, nearly to the point of obsession. Her clothing is brimming with designer labels like Dior and Victoria’s Secret. “I like designs that are simple but elegant.” She enjoys fine dining as well. However, as someone who lives a completely alcohol-free lifestyle, she exclusively eats at establishments that do not offer alcohol. This is due to her beliefs, but it is also a personal preference. Despite this, practically every restaurant sells alcohol.

If entrepreneurship necessitates grit, Carey has a habit of going above and beyond. Her beauty school, where she educates makeup artists, opened its doors to the public earlier this year. “I’m not looking for a large sum of money. I want to provide value to individuals who enroll in my institution and mentor them.”

Today, an increasing proportion of professional women are concerned about their health and exercise as frequently as their male counterparts. One of them is Carey. She goes to the gym in her neighborhood on a regular basis. She disguises her appearance when she goes to the gym to avoid unwanted attention. “I dress up like other women and wear a scarf over my hair.”