Meet Nosipho’s Son From Uzalo In Real Life

Her real name being Nompilo Maphumulo she has really cemented herself in our hearts and brains. All I can say is some people really know what they came to do when they really put their mind to it and Nompilo is a reminder of that because she is such a great and very skilled woman.

A few days ago she was given a scene where she had to be a victim in a domestic violence case and she really nailed that scene, after seeing that scene she gained a lot of new followers because honestly if people follow you specifically for talent it means you really good at what you do.


What many did not know about Nompilo is that she has a son, when I was read this and saw this on the internet, I really was shocked. But she has son who is about 7 to 8 years old. We definitely know where the son gets the good looks from.


Nosipho from Uzalo shared beautiful pictures with her son