Meet Nontle from Generations In Real Life


An actor and presenter from South Africa is named Buntu Petse. She made her media debut on Teenagers on a Mission (TOMZ), a science and technology program on SABC 1. She then landed her first prominent active part in the well-known soap series Generations: The Legacy. She plays Nontle, a high school girl fighting climate change, in the movie. Because she was so good in the role, she became a fan favorite. Buntu Petse, who is currently 25 years old, was born in 1997. She had her birthday earlier this year, and Mzansi was full of well wishes for her future.





A woman of Buntu Petse’s notoriety and beauty would attract attention from potential buyers. About her romantic state, she has remained silent. In contrast to her on-screen alter ego Nontle, her real-world relationship appears to be free of mystery. She was attacked by some criminals, and her lover promised retaliation. Even if she hasn’t married yet, she has a lot of plans in real life. She predicted in an interview from last year that in five years she will be married, have a child, be living on her own, and be performing full-time.

Parents of Buntu Petse are unknown. Her fans are content to refer to her as Ayanda Majola’s daughter (Samela Tyelboi). Undoubtedly, and she herself acknowledged this, her parents have supported her decision and contributed to her achievement. The fact that Buntu Petse, who is reportedly more famous and wealthier, does not own a car may appear strange to many. However, two months ago, the actress admitted that she did not own a car.

At the time, she confessed in an Instagram live video from the Randburg taxi park that she does not own a car and relies on public transit. She also admitted to utilizing Uber occasionally.