Meet Mr Makwela, the giant behind King Monada’s success. King Monada gave him a big shout out.

Whenever a King Monada’s song comes on, the first words you hear is, Makwela Monada. Makwela is a very big part of King Monada’s music even though we never actually hear him sing or talk in the songs.

According to King Monada, Makwela has been his manager for the past 10 glorious years. A good manager is extremely important for the success of artists.

Managers are usually well educated and they help artists navigate the business life. Especially because most artists do not have a formal education.


Makwela has been guiding King Monada from the time when he had nothing to the megastar he is today. Most artists disappear after one or two albums, but King Monada is still standing strong.

It is wonderful to see King Monada acknowledging the massive contribution that Makwela has made to his music career. It looks like this partnership is still going to give us more tracks to dance to.