Meet Malusi Gigaba’s alleged 20 years-old ex-side chick

Malusi Gigaba, the former minister of finance and home affairs, put out an explicit movie that went popular on social media three years ago, and it’s still going strong today. According to accounts, Cindy Makhathini was 17 years old when the incident occurred.

Malusi Gigaba was also 17 years old when it happened. Rumors started to circulate on the internet that Cindy Makhathini was the one who leaked the video after Malusi dumped him because she was worried about his being discovered dating a young girl while holding the position of a recognized public figure.




Since close sources were aware of their relationship, Cindy Makhathini was thought to be the one who leaked the information. Following the release of the video and the breakup, Cindy received widespread attention and continued living her life. Malusi’s life was radically changed as a result of the humiliating video’s broadcast, and he was also required to quit as the minister of home affairs.

Cindy’s age is thought to be around 20 years old. The young woman frequently posts pictures of herself on her social media accounts. Despite the scandal, Cindy has continued to live her life to the fullest. Cindy shared a photo of herself on Instagram in which she looked lovely and displayed her toned figure as usual.

Malusi Gigaba has, in my opinion, created himself a hole by hanging out with young girls. Before diving into Norma, he should have stayed with his wonderful wife, whom he divorced. By making the video public, Cindy Makhathini destroyed all he had worked so hard to build.

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