Meet Londie London ‘s baby who wear the most expensive clothes

The singer and Instagram model revealed her pregnancy a year ago. The singer also said that wealthy Durban businessman Hlubi Nkosi provided her dowry. The couple later welcomed a baby girl named Uminathi Nkosi, and based on the pictures they posted, the infant seemed to be dressed to the nines. Gucci rompers to a $33,000 Jeremy Scott pram. Yes, you heard correctly; the baby stroller from Londie London is worth that amount. Rapper Cassper Nyovest purchased this exact stroller for his son Khotso.

Because Londie London and her spouse dress in pricey designer clothing, their infant Uminathi does as well. The young youngster also utilizes R8000-per-blanket Fendi blankets.


Because the baby’s face was hidden from the public and social media, Baby Uminathi’s mother, who recently joined The Real Housewives of Durban, wanted to hold a revealing party for the little one. The purpose of the gathering was for people to see him and give him gifts. Everything was extra in my perspective when the incident was broadcast on the reality show. I think most people would spend the same amount of money on a wedding or other significant event as they did on the unveiling party. Not to mention how the mother seemed in her upscale clothing. The young boy also owned various garments, including a kids’ romper by Versace-Borocco that cost R3650.

When Baby Umi was just a few months old, he also received his first set of custom-made jewelry. People can follow this cute kid on Instagram to learn more about him.

Some people might think that the parents of this infant wasted their money by purchasing everything they did. As long as you can afford it, I don’t see anything wrong with buying your child whatever they want. It also serves as a reminder for parents to have kids when they are financially prepared so that they can provide for them.


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