Meet Koloi from SkeemSaam’s in real life.

South African actor Tshepo Senatle, better known by his stage name Koloi from SkeemSaam, is known by his true name Tshepo Senatle. He is originally from the North West of the United Kingdom.

The character Tshepo is a Tswana boy, despite the fact that many people mistakenly believe that he is a Pedi because of his exceptional fluency in the Pedi language on Skeemsam, where he looks to be a natural speaker of the Pedi language.

When he is not performing, Tshepo enjoys tinkering with automobiles. Prior to his skeemsam triumph, Tshepo had a successful acting career in his township neighborhood. A few years ago, he relocated to Johannesburg in order to find work. He had previously worked as extras before the Skeemsam breakout, and he is now employed as a skeemsam actor.

When it comes to earning a living, Tshepo does it all. He is the one who helps his mother and siblings with their financial needs and obligations. Many people assumed Tshepo was in his adolescent years at the time of his participation on the soapie, based on his role and the way he seems. Tshepo was born in the year 1997, and he will be 24 years old in 2021, making him one of the youngest actor in the acting Industry. It was hard for people to believe when they learned the truth, and they assumed he had not yet reached the age of twenty due to his physical appearance and the role he portrayed on the soapie as a teenager.

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