Meet Jacob Zuma’s ex wife

Thabo, the ex-beautiful president’s wife, is a sight to behold. Where can I find her most current Instagram posts? Her die-hard followers were taken aback by her latest photo shoot. No one in South Africa could believe that she had been married to the outgoing president, Jacob Zuma.

In addition to her role as a popular TV anchor in South Africa, LaConco is also an accomplished businesswoman.

Her recent divorce from Jacob Zuma followed their separation in 2016.

A son was born to Jacob Zuma and LaConco on LaConco’s birthday.

Young South African media personality LaConco shot to fame after appearing on The Real Housewives of Durban.

The media mogul celebrated her birthday by posting a brand-new, gorgeous photo to her social media pages.

LaConco wrote an emotional statement thanking God for another year of life on the back of a picture she left behind.

She included a photo of herself and the message, “Happy birthday Nonkanyiso!” on the post.

She hoped that her friend’s “brightness and enthusiasm will never be darkened by anything in this world” and that she would live a long and healthy life.

After giving birth to Jacob Zuma’s now four-year-old son, LaConco shot to prominence.

LaConco has managed to create a prosperous business empire despite facing severe backlash for her marriage to Jacob Zuma.



After finishing college, LaConco decided to pursue a career in radio and found work at Vuma FM.

For the time being, LaConco can be seen hosting the Mzansi Magic show Our Perfect Wedding.

The fact that LaConco has worked in the entertainment sector before is evidence of her adaptability and skill.

Gather ’round, and let’s throw her a party to remember.

saying happy birthday to the lady in question. As you will see in today’s article, former South African president Jacob Zuma is one of the polygamists we have in South Africa. He has married more than four wives, unfortunately some of whom have since left him.

Obtainable evidence: conco/status/1581500861339291648?t=8IjuFfs x8W1KBgQbT4D4g&s=19

Extract from the Opera World News