Meet Jacob Zuma children, The older one look exactly like him

There is relatively little information available online on the former president’s children because just three of them are actively seeking attention on social media or the internet. In total, the ex-president of South Africa is rumored to be the father of 23 children with various women.

In spite of the widespread interest in Duduzile Zuma, Duduzane Zuma, and Edward Zuma, the remainder of the Zuma family remains largely anonymous. Sources indicate that in 1984, Duduzane and Duduzile Zuma were born, and that in 1986, Edward Zuma and Gugu Zumu, who is famous for creating the Uzalo soap opera, were born as well. Apparently she owns Uzalo, as claimed by multiple sources.









Little is known about the other children because they are still babies. About a year ago, after their father was released from prison for failing to appear before the Zondo Commission, Jacob Zuma’s daughters went live on social media to thank the public for supporting him. The public in South Africa was taken aback by the sight of Zuma’s two stunning daughters.

He just got married, and the reports say he and his new wife already have a five-year-old son together.

Below is a photo album of Jacob Zuma and his loved ones.

According to rumor, Edward Zuma is the oldest child of the ex-president.

Mother purportedly passed away in the early 2000s, leaving twins Duduzile and Duduzane Zuma an orphan.

Several of Jacob Zuma’s children have been born from his relationships with different women. The former South African leader’s son and daughter looked strikingly similar to their father.

Both Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and Gugu Zuma are famous politicians, and Gugu is the son of the latter.

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