Meet Hlelo from Uzalo Its Amazing in real life

Nothando Ngcobo, who was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, is a young South African actress who has been making waves in the entertainment world. She has been in movies made by Daily Sun and worked as a background actor on Isibaya. Since then, the young actress has come a long way in her career. She is one of South Africa’s young actors and actresses who are working hard to get ahead. Fans love her attitude and personality, and they think she is one of the most humble actresses in Mzansi, even though she has only been in the entertainment industry for a short time. Nothando had been a background actor on Isibaya before, but viewers didn’t have enough time to see her acting skills. She had always wanted a permanent role that would help her career.






Nothando won over the hearts of Uzalo fans when she got the part of Hlelo, a young girl with spiritual wounds. She showed up for the first time on August 20. (Friday). Hlelo is a young girl who depends on herself alone. She had to use her looks and body to find a place to live. Mtginzi treats her badly because he knows she comes from a poor family and thinks he is her owner because he gave her a place to live. Even though she lives in a poor area, Hlelo still thinks about where she came from. She lives in a low-income neighborhood where people struggle just to put food on the table, but she is happy to have a roof over her head.

Hlelo has been through a lot in her life, but she has stayed honest. People can see her beauty and kindness even though she lives in a poor neighborhood. Gabisile feels like she owes her life to her ever since he tried to kill her and she saved his life. She wants to take her to KwaMashu to make things right.

But Nothando Ngcobo is what Hlelo’s real name is, and fans got to see her in person and see how beautiful she really is. But when people look her up on social media, they are amazed by what they see. Fans can’t get enough of her photos on social media, and she is always happy and smiling.