Meet Gogo Skhotheni’s Second Husband Sibusiso Who Is Actually Her Ex Boyfriend

This episode has made people wonder about her and if she really loves her husband. Monde seems to be a cool man but here he is taken for granted.

The episode of Gogo Skhotheni on Moja love when it was starting people thought that they will learn but now it is something else. She told her husband that her husband that her ancestors want her to have a second husband. Monde was shocked when he was told that he will have to share his wife with someone else.





People started to have their own opinion about it and feels like she is one who want the second husband not her ancestors. First her main guide is a man so if he was supposed to want a wife not a husband unless of he is gay. Sometimes spiritual things can be confusing and you cannot understand them. Unless if Monde is not the husband that the ancestors wants for her but somehow , she convinced them that he is the one and she loves him. Then they gave her a condition that one day she will have to marry the one that they want for her. This also can be a point. Remember that ancestors were once alive just anybody of us. When you a connection with your ancestors everything will make sense. You will talk to him about anything and you will have a direct conversation with them.

So on yesterday episode she introduced the second husband to Monde. Monde knew the man as her ex boyfriend , they dated in the past and she told him that they broke up long time ago. Monde feels like they did not break up. She even told him that there is a chance that the new baby could be Sibusiso’s child. It was very much hectic for Monde because he knows the knew Man and he will start to ask himself a lot of questions about his wife.