Meet DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khathi, that left fans speechless with recent pictures on Instagram

Gugu Khathi is a South African social media sensation who has several titles, including mother, wife, and businesswoman. Born on August 25, 1990, the 33-year-old is known to South Africans and the rest of the globe as DJ Tira’s wife as of 2023. She has been in the media before, but she gained greater attention after marrying DJ Tira. Gugu Khathi, who was born and raised in Soweto, comes from a very warm and lovely family, which motivates her to apply it in her own family.

The attractive award-winning entrepreneur is also known for her fashion sense and as a beauty expert. Gugu Khathi never leaves the house without looking great; she is always lovely in her clothing and makeup. She is incredibly self-assured and feels gorgeous even when she is not wearing cosmetics. The stunning wife of DJ Tira has recently taken admirers by surprise with her Instagram photos. Below are the photos she shared, which prompted many people to express compliments in the comments area.




She is the mother of three lovely children, yet one would think she doesn’t have any due of how she pampers herself. After giving delivery, most women give up on always looking good since their whole emphasis shifts to the child. Gugu, on the other hand, consistently astounds her followers with her daily appearances. The comments from the above recent photos are included below.

Gugu Khathi is undeniably lovely, and she is unquestionably the woman she believes she is. She is a major influence to many women who are interested in the beauty profession, which includes makeup, nails, and hair.