Meet Dineo Moloisane: The Pitori girl driving SA men crazy

Web-based entertainment powerhouse Dineo Moloisane is one of the most well known South African on the gram. Her banging and looks have assisted her with getting the accompanying she has.

Regardless, Dineo is more than whatever individuals see her to be. She is a diligent financial specialist and a devoted mother to her children.

Regardless of the baddie status that web-based entertainment clients have given her she wears many caps. We got the valuable chance to get to know her better several days prior when she included on Tebego Thobejane’s City Girls web recording.

Picking Love Over Money




Dineo loves cash indeed, however she’s a firm devotee to cherish.

“Assuming somebody would ask me what do I love among cash and adore I’d pick love quickly. I’ve seen cash, I’ve been with individuals who got cash,” she tells Tebogo.

“Cash accompanies a ton of issues and I accept a great deal of ladies who are engaged with rich men particularly in the event that you offer nothing of real value except for your looks, the majority of them are mishandled and they would rather not say it.”

Dating Married Men

Dineo Moloisane shares her legitimate contemplations on dating wedded men.

“Folks I don’t date wedded men, I don’t have faith in wedded men. I love. I need consideration and friendship,” she shares.

“I’ve never dated a hitched man and I wouldn’t date a wedded man. Assuming you come to me while you are hitched don’t, attempt.”

Why She Left Her Partner

Dineo left her accomplice since he was an “victimizer and chronic miscreant.”

“I recollect at the time I was an understudy and I didn’t have anything. One thing that he did after I became pregnant with our first was that he quit hitting me.

“At the point when I had chosen to leave the relationship the next day, he’d get me another vehicle,” she tells Tebogo.

She was likewise a rapper

Dineo was a rapper eventually in her life yet she has shut that section now.

She had highlighted Reason and Emtee in one of her singles.

Her last melody was ask. “I don’t know whether I covered that vocation or it’s on stop. I’m actually mulling over everything.”

She Is Currently In A Relationship

“I’m presently seeing somebody and it’s astonishing I would rather not lie. He has been extremely strong and for me in the event that you love my children, you’ve prevailed upon me. The issue when somebody needs to date me is that they need to be serious, that why I had one or two glaring misgivings”

Tebogo On Dating A Married Man

I’ve dated a hitched man before who misled me that he was leaving his better half. I was dom and I trusted it. The main explanation I was with him was on the grounds that I thought he was separating from her yet there was nothing similar to that.

On The eighteenth of December I’m turning 40. I’m a. irreplaceable asset. It’s a great deal of botox.

I definitely disapprove of Mac G in some cases. I love him without question yet he wants to quit disgracing us.