Meet David Genaro From #RhythmCity’s Son & Ex-wife That You Did Not Know. See Their Pictures

do you know that Jamie Bartlett was first married to South African actress who is famously known as Anne Devilious from Old Generations? Before Jamie Bartlett got married to his recent wife Rose Onious, he was married to Camilla Waldman and the two share a son known as Hector.

Mzansi still continue to lose best celebrities in the enterprise industry. It’s nit clear what us happening in the entertainment industry but what ever it is its really killing the celebrities.



It’s been a weeks since the passing of South African best actor Jamie Bartlett popular known as David Genaro from Rhythm City. The country has not yet accepted his 9assibg including his family. His family is hurts after his passing. His son whom we have not seen has finally came out to speak about the death of his father. Jamie Bartlett’s son known as Hector pays tribute to his father.

For many years we have known Jamie Bartlett, we have never seen his wife or heard about his family and kids. What Mzansi know about his is that he is called David Genaro. For many years mzansi has been asking to know more about his life including his kids with no lucky. Jamie Bartlett has been married to his wife Onious for many years. He has a son who is known as Hector Bartlett who looks exactly like him.

His is deeply and is already feeling lonely after the passing of his father. Jamie Bartlett has lived his life in Television and he was lived by everyone. His son also recall how his father was very passionate about his acting on stage. His father death came after his wife Rose Onious found his dead in his sleep.