Meet Connie Ferguson’s First Daughter Who Happens Be the Daughter Of Neo Matsyunyane In Real Life

Meet Connie Ferguson’s Daughter Who Happen To Be The Daughter Of Neo Matsunyane In Real Life






Connie Ferguson is one of South African actress who is not just an actress but also a businesswoman who worked so well along side her late husband Shona Ferguson. The actress is at her 51 years old woman who still standing strong and healthy.

Mzansi recently gush over the video which was trending in social media where she was dancing with her daughter Alicia. Her daughter Alicia Ferguson is talented when it comes to dancing. We have seen her many times dancing where in most of her video it’s either she is challenging her family or she is dancing with her mother Connie Ferguson.

Connie Ferguson is a mother of two beautiful girls who are now grown old and she is also a grandmother for those who did not know. She is 51 years of age and stilling looking hot, beautiful and gorgeous. Although her age is suorising but she still strong and her body is flexible to do many things.

Connie has her first daughter called Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson. Lesedi is using two surname one from her biological father and other from her stepfather who raised her. Lesedi is a product of Connie Ferguson and Neo Matsunyane. Lesedi Matsunyane is a South African actress and film producer. She is Connie Ferguson’s daughter from her previous marriage with Neo Matsunyane. Before Connie marry Shona Ferguson she was married to Neo Matsunyane who is also a producer of few show such as 7 de Laan and SkeemSaam to mention few.

It’s not a secret that Connie Ferguson loves her daughters. We always sees her playing along so well with the rest of the family. The family Ferguson understand the meaning of important family as they always stick together as one.

Watch mother and daughter dance move here: