MEET : Buhle “Ama Qamata” In real life

No matter how bad clothes are, but once they say they’re in trend people just fall in love with them immediately. Fashion has become one of the most prioritised things in our lives and social media platforms play a huge part in influencing youngsters to love fashion. Seems like Ama Qamata is one of those people who are fond of style and fashion.








Amamkele ‘Ama’ Qamata is the South African actress, and model best known for her acting role ‘Puleng Khumalo’ in the South African Netflix mini drama series; Blood and water. She is also known for her acting role as ‘Buhle Ndaba’ in the Mzansi Magic’s telenovela; Gomora.

This 23 year-old Eastern Cape born star recently shared some pictures and videos of herself dressed up like an Indian on Instagram. she has covered her head down to the cheeks as Indian women do. The caption of the post reads: “babushka babe on a Friday🍸🌶 the wind in Cape Town is hectic omg”.

We all know that in Gomora Buhle has recently disappeared, and her family is worried about her, more especially her mother; Thathi _ character played by Katlego Danke. Well, viewers comments were like:

“So everyone is worried about you and you’re there enjoying yourself”

“We are looking for you at Gomora, where did you run to?”

“Hey wena! Go home Thathi is worried”

“We are worried sick about you and you’re in the Cape”.

It’s so funny how the Buhle’s acting gets viewers worried and all that. Well, there were also those who complemented her, telling her how stunning she looks in her outfit, the comments were like:

“I love your outfit, so beautiful”