Meet Benni McCarthy’s younger brother (see what he does for a living)


Most siblings have signed up to be part of the PSL over the years so that their experiences can be carried down.

Sadly, not every tale involving siblings ends happily. After signing their first major contract, some people just disappear.

Some of South Africa’s most well-known siblings hit the sport by storm during the PSL era. No mistake about it, Benni and Jerome McCarthy are the most well-known of their family members. They both got their start playing football in Cape Town before moving on to Ajax in Europe and the defunct Manning Rangers in Durban, respectively.

The McCarthy brothers: Benni and Jerome

Benni McCarthy’s international success would prove that he was the most gifted of his siblings. Jerome’s career was marred by problems since, toward the end of his career, he was accused of doping and pleaded guilty. Despite Mark’s much younger age, Jerome is hired.

Benni McCarthy and Mark McCarthy, pictured above




Mark, the youngest of the four children, also became a professional football player. Mark reportedly spent time in the United States before returning to South Africa, where he auditioned for the Bloemfontein Celtics and Supersport United before disappearing.

Since his early retirement, Mark McCarthy has stayed out of the spotlight. We looked at his Instagram to learn his full-time or part-time occupation. Mark McCarthy, according to these sources, remains a dedicated football enthusiast. His channel, The Football G, which features clips from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and especially the UEFA Champions League, is still active on YouTube.

Information gathered from: McCarthy

Jerome McCarthy, via

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