Meet Ayanda Ncwane’s mother-in-law Fikile Ncwane, the mother of the late Sfiso Ncwane

Fikile Irine Ncwane is the mother-in-law of Ayanda Ncwane. Sfiso Ncwane’s late mother was her. In 2015, Fikile gained notoriety after claiming that her deceased son, Sfiso Ncwane, didn’t provide for her since she often went hungry despite his lavish lifestyle. Although they are related by marriage, rumors have it that Ayanda Ncwane and her mother-in-law do not get along. Fikile is a resident of KwaZulu-Natal. She was dissatisfied when his late son Sfiso presented his spiritual minister with an AMG in 2015.




A family’s members, despite their flaws and differences, should make every effort to work through their differences and come together for the sake of the family’s happiness. Because they are the ones who care for us the most, family members need our utmost attention. Maintaining a daily practice of loving, cherishing, and forgiving one’s loved ones is essential.

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