Meet Actor Patrick Shai’s Wife That You Did Not Know. See Her Beautiful Pictures

Meet Actor Patrick Shai’s Wife That You Did Not Know. See Her Beautiful Pictures

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It’s never been easy to lose someone you love. Each day you ask your what have you done to deserve this punishment from God. It’s been months since the passing of Patrick Shai and his wife has not forgotten about him.

The South African actor Patrick Shai has done the most unthinkable things by taking his own life without thinking about the people around him. His wife Dr Mmasechaba Shai is still left grieving after he committed suicide.

The South African actor and a director Patric Shai passed away on 22 January 2022. For the first time since his passing his wife Dr Mmasechaba Shai has finally came out to speak after his death.

She has open up on how she has been struggling to let go the memories she had with her late husband. Apparently the Dr Mmasechaba Shai and her husband were married for more than 40 years. Dr Mmasechaba Shai marry the actor when she was just 17 years old. Dr Mmasechaba Shai is said to have open a new foundation called Widows’ Club which helps those women who are widows in real life.

Mmasechaba has spoken on how she was unable to speak out after he funeral of her husband. Apparently she was being accused of killing her husband over his assets. Patrick Shai has an organization before he died which helps men to deal with violence and abuse.

Mmasechaba have spoken on how she was forced to wear mourner’s clothes from a year. She said that her in-laws has not been good to her. The last time she spoke to them was in January at the memorial service. Apparently their relationship has been destroyed as in many cases, the in-laws always blame the daughter in-law for the death of their son.

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