Media mogul and business woman MaMkhize basks into the New York sun dressed in an elegant outfit

Shawn Mkhize is an inspirational lady to many women across the country , she is a hard-working lady who is brilliant in all she does and she is one of the most successful ladies this country has.

She is invested in numerous departments of business , she is into construction she has a construction company , she is into sports she owns a soccer team and she is a media mogul as well.



Shawn raises the South African flag high everywhere her remarkable brilliance takes her and she is a force not to be reckoned with.

She is a decorated media personality who is a multi dimensional character , she is a model , fashion influencer , stylist , brans ambassador , reality TV star and a socialite.

In her recent Instagram post dressed in an impeccably opulent outfit gracing the streets of New York , Shawn made a stunningly adorable fashion statement with the look.

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