Mechanic surprised after slay queen he sent transport money to shows up at his workshop

In the past week, a lucky mechanic went on a date with a stunning woman he met online. The woman insisted on being picked up and dropped off at his place of business, and the mechanic happily obliged. They went on a date after the technician agreed to take them out.

A few days ago, it was reported that the mechanic had seen the attractive woman on Facebook, and had begun courting her. To test his patience, the woman then asked for a taxi fare from him.



The mechanic sent her the money for the cab fare in response, and she probably didn’t even realize she was communicating with a “ordinary mechanic” until the tale went viral. The mechanic’s jaw dropped when he saw her go through the door.

This stunning woman has shown that not all slay queens are the same by not insulting or rejecting younger guys who want to pursue her or having anything to do with men who aren’t financially secure.

At a time when many women deliberately ask men for money by saying things like “I don’t have transportation to some over,” this beautiful woman stuck to her word when paying a visit to her mechanic crush.

They say the mechanic guy was inconsolable and unable to speak after he unexpectedly met the woman he had a crush on.

Mechanic shocked after slay queen he sent transport money to shows up at his workshop