Me at 5 Vs Me Today Tholang Before and After Pics Left Mzansi Talking As She changed from Male to fe

A South African national and a model, and transgender before and after pictures left Mzansi in Shock As She posted her transformation on Social media Twitter in her account @Tholang_Motsumi She said “Me at 5 Verse me today.” Tholang is a reality Show star on MOJALOVEs, brand ambassador and an actress.

Source and Link: @Tholang_Motsumi Twitter account.After She posted her before and after pictures at 5 he was a boy and later did plastic surgery turning himself to a lady.



Many South African slammed against the act because one turning himself to another literally means him/her did not love the gender God that created him/ Her.

But the transgender paved way for her in the entertainment industry as she is was many brand ambassador, a reality TV show star and an actress with these achievement she has bagged endorsed upon endorsement.

After This Tweet went viral many South Africans Commented asking “so what happened to the man in you?

Below are more South Africans Comments on the Tweets.