Mbali is on top of her game | OPINION | Durban Gen

Mbali’s storyline is one of the most interesting storylines on Durban Gen. One moment she is in love and the next, something completely goes wrong.

Recently, she was caught with her brother in-law by her then boyfriend, Lindelani and things have been sour between them since. This has seen Dr. Zulu getting his groove on with Thembi who is a beautiful paramedic at Durban Gen. But what is striking about Lindelani is the fact that he was left dazzled by Mbali’s newly found page of life full of joy and radiance, therefore; we have to stop for a minute and ask – is Thembi just a distraction to Lindelani? how come that he still shows signs of jealousy as far as what Mbali does is concerned?





This questions are valid considering the fact that, if you claim to be over someone; then what they choose to do with their lives and who they do it with should not be your concern, but that’s not the case with Dr. Zulu.

On last night’s episode, the Durban Gen interns decided to celebrate their colleague, Dr. Bhengu. Mbali decided that she’d be responsible for the drinks since the reminder that it was her colleague’s birthday found her in the mood to enjoy her life as per the encouragement she got from Thabo. Everyone can see that Mbali’s newly found joy at life, but Agatha is not happy.

(Photo: Durban Gen’s Dr. Mthethwa @ Sne’s wedding. Source:

She even tried telling her son, Thabo to call Mbali to order, but the brother didn’t listen to his mother, which is great. The fact that, the Dlamini family raised Mbali as their own doesn’t mean that they own her or she owes them her life. She agreed to marry the late Sibusiso Dlamini and the fact that he is dead gives her the right to continue with her life because at the end of the day, the show must go on. Mbali is still young and has her whole life ahead of her. She doesn’t need the stress of trying to please anyone.

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The truth is, life is beautiful and it needs to be enjoyed. Money is also good and it needs to be enjoyed too. When you work hard, have the life you have and are getting the money you are getting, what’s remaining is for you to create those great memories without worrying about what people are saying about you. At the end of the day, people will always have something to say!