Mbali got drunk and went to Uthuli to speak with Jojo but Dudu did not allow her, she kicked her out

Mbali has been heart broken until Jakes offered her alcohol. She drank and got drunk. She decided to go to Uthuli Waste so that she would able to speak to Jojo. When she got there, she met with Dudu. Dudu asked her where she was going and she said that she was going to see her husband. Dudu stopped her and told her that she was not allowed to see Jojo.

Mbali did not want to hear anything. She even told Dudu to leave her business alone. Dudu called security because she knew that Mbali would overpower her if she tried to stop her. Mbali did not care, all she wanted was to see Jojo.

Jojo on the other hand was just there, staring at Mbali through the window. The security guards took her away and Jojo did not stop them. Dudu really handled the situation very well.