Mbali bought a fake belly to complement her fake pregnancy. Her lies are unmatched

As we all know Mbali is on the league of her own. She has been lying to the Kubheka family for a while now. No one suspects a thing because they trust her. She had a special delivery delivered at her mother’s house. When she arrived there they asked her why was it not delivered where she stays and she told them that she did not want anyone to open it.






When she opened it, her mother and sister were surprised to see that she bought a fake belly. She had every answer to every question that they asked her. It seems like she is prepared for everything. The fake belly that she bought feels real. She wore it immediately to fit it and it was a match. Her mother was not impressed because she knows that the truth always has a way of coming out but she just kept quiet because she knows that her daughter won’t listen to her.