Mayeni spoils her daughter for graduating.

Mayeni is a South African media personality and she is also one of the most loved celebrities in South Africa.

She has been in the media industry furore than 5 years now and she is still going strong.



We all got to know her from the telenovela called Uthando Nesthembu and she is the second wife to Musa Mseleku.

Mayeni is part of a polygamy marriage and she has been married for more than 20 years now and she has gained three other sister wives as well.

She has a baking business and she also has her own boutique and it has been doing well and a lot people love her clothes and cakes and they are always buying her products.

She has three kids of her own with her husband and she has 7 other kids from her sister wives.

She posted a where in her other daughter was graduating and it was beautiful.