MaYeni is against Mpumelelo’s Polygamous Relationship

On the recent episode of the Mseleku’s reality show, Uthando Nesthembu, we saw Mpumelelo going all out to celebrate his daughter’s second birthday celebration with his family and in-laws at the Mseleku homestead.

The birthday celebration seems to be going well and Mpumelelo’s girlfriends arrived. They both seemed to be okay with each other and they had no drama between them. Mpumelelo even said that both his girlfriend and baby mama are friends, which is something good because it means that they have nothing against each other.

The birthday celebration seems to be going well until Mpumeleo went on to introduce his girlfriends to his father Musa Mseleku. He also introduced the girlfriends to his mother and you could see that MaYeni was not letting herself get involved in Mpumelelo’s business.







“I don’t like to meddle with Mpumelelo’s affairs”, said MaYeni.

MaYeni said this because she feels that he is going to be hurt and his relationship will end in tears.

“I told him, they will hurt him and it will end in tears”, said MaYeni.

Even MaKhumalo noticed that MaYeni did not want to get involved in Mpumelelo’s affairs. I feel like MaKhumalo wanted MaYeni to do something or say something about Mpumelelo’s affairs, but MaKhumalo saw that MaYeni was avoiding the conversation. She does not want to fiddle with Mpumelelo’s relationship as she feels that Mpumelelo is not going to go far with his relationship as he is still too young for polygamy.

In her diary session, MaYeni even went on to ask what will happen if Mpumelelo has more girlfriends. To show that MaYeni does not want to meddle in Mpumelelo’s affairs, Mpumelelo did not introduce his girlfriend and baby mama to his mother MaYeni. He only introduced them to his father and other mothers.

“What if he has more girlfriends? What then?, asked MaYeni.

It seems like MaYeni is not entertaining Mpumelelo’s polygamy and she is even saying that it will end in tears. This shows that MaYeni is against Mpumelelo being in a polygamous relationship.