Mayeni has showed us more than once that we can rock sneakers with dresses.

Mayeni Mseleku is the second companion of monetary expert Musa Mseleku, and she is one of his four spouses. She is the third life partner of the cash chief Musa Mseleku.

Mayeni is the mother of three young people, the underlying two of whom are youngsters and the third of whom is a young woman.

She worships her children, and she sometimes conveys pictures of them on her electronic amusement account, Instagram.





Mayeni is an outstandingly unassuming and quiet individual, and she doesn’t answer much until there is a pressing requirement for her thought.

She is ceaselessly on her phone and stays inconspicuous, especially when she isn’t supposed to address any requests.

In her additional time, Mayeni capacities as a model for a shop called phat young women. The store shows dresses, shoes, totes, plays, and shirts, which are altogether very charming.

All through her calling, she has shown that it is doable to shake and look extraordinary in the two shoes and skirts.

It is typical for individuals to wear jeans and shoes, but it is phenomenal to see someone wearing desserts and shoes, yet Mayeni is check that the two looks can be worn together and look unbelievable on anyone who wears them.