MaYeni feels like Musa Mseleku does not consider her feelings

In the first episode of Uthando Nesthembu, MaCele asked Musa Mseleku’s wives if they are all still happy with Musa Mseleku. MaYeni is one of the women who responded to the question by saying that she is still happy with Musa Mseleku, but in the second episode that aired on Friday, MaYeni did not look and sound as happy as she said she was.

MaYeni sounded deeply hurt and heartbroken because of her husband Musa Mseleku. Musa then went on to reveal that when he got married to MaNgwabe, he did not know that both MaYeni and MaNgwabe knew each other and that did not sit well with MaYeni.

“MaNgwabe and MaYeni knew each other, before I met her I did not know that I married someone she knew. I think that’s what caused a huge problem”, said Musa.


While Musa said all this, MaYeni started crying and you could see that she is still deeply hurt and she has not healed from the fact that Musa married MaNgwabe whom she knew. This shows that there is a lot that happened when Musa got married to MaNgwabe because you can see that MaYeni is still not happy about it.

During the second episode of Uthando Nesthembu, MaYeni even said that she did not want to continue with the diary session because there are things that she cannot answer because they are too personal. She even revealed that her husband Musa Mseleku would not be happy if she was to reveal them.

“Can we stop this diary session? Not that I can’t answer now in this diary session…He (Musa) would not like it if I were to mention those things”, said MaYeni.

In my opinion, I would not blame MaYeni for being really hurt and feeling that Musa does not consider her feelings. This whole thing started when Musa Mseleku was speaking about taking the 5th wife.

Do you think that MaYeni is right in not being happy that Musa married the same MaNgwabe that she knows? Leave a comment and let us know.Pics! Inside Uthando Nesthembu’s MaYeni And Musa’s Wedding – OkMzansi