Matron Nkabinde from Durban Gen left fans astonished with her recent post showing her beauty.

Zimiphi Happiness Biyela is a recognized South African actress, television presenter, singer, MC, radio DJ, and motivational speaker. She is famously known as Zim Dollar, an Ukhozi FM presenter . She is talented and embracing person who is not afraid to chase her dreams and have a bright future. She is a true definition of brains and beauty and she has a sense of humor, style, fashion and personality.



She is intelligent and independent woman who is values her life.. She is best known for her role as Matron Nobuhle Nkabinde on Durham Gen drama series on e_tv channel weekdays.

She has been working for Ukhozi FM for more than 10 years now and she has made a name for herself. She is a role model to all young humans out there to presue their dreams. On her recent post on social media account she left fans astonished with her recent post showing her breathtaking beauty. Please comment, like, click on and kindly share your thoughts.