Matriculants of 2021 Left Mzansi With Her Results She Even Got A Car From The Government

The Matriculants of 2021 received their results this past week and we have to say most of them did extremely well considering that they were studying through a pandemic where they had to attend 2 to 3 classes a week to avoid being overcrowded in a classroom and sometimes the teachers not coming in due to catching covid. We really have to give it to them for achieving such results.

One particular Matriculant who achieved amazing results is a young lady from Mpumalanga who got 7 distinctions. She also got 100% in mathematics and Physical Science. This young lady is a genius, to say the least.


The department of Education even gifted her with a car just to congratulate her on such results. Her results are better than those of Size Bongwe the one who is going to Havard University. But it’s surprising that she couldn’t get into the university.

The truth is when it comes to such universities it’s not even about grades if we are being honest. It’s all about who you are, your background, and your connections. That’s why you see only kids from private schools can get into those universities. Kids from Government schools no matter how good they pass will never step into such prestigious universities.

We hope this young lady goes to study abroad nonetheless. There are many good institutions out there that will accept her, especially with those results. She really looks like she has a bright future ahead of her and could be the next doctor, engineer, or even scientist.