Mathew Booth’s Alleged Mistress Has Made A Big Move After Affair Leaked: Read More

After news of the alleged affair made its way to the public, the first thing that Bongani Moller did was to post a video, looking happy and unseemingly fazed by seeing her name all over the news, gossip columns and social media platforms, since she is also a married woman.




After posting the video, people were quick to point out how the fitness instructor seemed to be unbothered by what is happening, but would later receive backlash for posting such a video when someone’s marriage is going down the drain because of her.

She would later go on to succumb to the pressure and deleted the video before going as far as deactivating her Instagram account, perhaps in efforts to dilute the access she has to people’s opinions and comments that may have unsettled her despite putting a brave appearance initially.

The cheating scandal involving Booth and his women has caught everyone by surprise as no one saw it coming and what makes it worse is that Sonia is on beast mode in revealing each and every little secret relating to her husband’s infedility.

Sonia confirmed her suspicions by hiring a private investigator to follow her husband to find out his ways, her gut being proven right that he was cheating and it seems like it may be the end of the road for the Booth’s.

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Bongani Moller burns off the cheesecake in spinning class before deactivating her Instagram