Mathew Booth Accused of Doing This Inside Sonia’s car Without Permission

It is quite sad that a marriage of 16 years could be flushed down the drain.

One could think maybe one of the parties will try harder to save a 16-year marriage.

Former Bafana player Mathew Booth is in hot water “again” this comes after he was accused of infidelity by his estranged wife Sonia Booth.

Booth who also played for Sundowns and Bidvest Wits did release a statement to rubbish the allegation.

Sonia responded by saying this is all the money, they could have saved for their children. Now they have to spend it on legal fees.

The kids are currently writing exams.

It seems like the ordeal has been turned into soup opera.

Instead of handling the whole situation offline privately. They have chosen to make it a social media spectacle.

One could only imagine how this whole situation will affect the kids mentally.

Supersport has chosen to distance itself from the drama as, they are adamant that it is a private matter between two adults.

The drama is far from over

Sonia has posted a video where he is exposing the ex-Bafana star.

She is now accusing him searching her car without her consent.

According to Sonia, Supersport presenter Matthew was searching her vehicle while he was busy training at Virgin active.

Matthew is been accused of using a spare key to go through her stuff inside the car.

When Mathews tried to explain. she didn’t want to hear any of it.




In a video, Mathew could be seen fleeing the scene moving away from the vehicle.

He claims that he was just coming to the gym as normal.

Sonia is adamant that he caught him red-handed searching the car. Her things were turned upside down inside the car.

She hopes Mathew found what he was looking for or whatever he was trying to plant inside the car. She called him a coward.

Many people got the impression that maybe, Booth was searching for something to use against her during court battles

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