Master KG Sent a Warning To A Famous Musician Who Is Allegedly Cheating With Makhadzi

No matter who you are or what your social status is, everyone goes through difficult times in their personal relationships at some point. Everyone is aware that Makhadzi, a well-known hitmaker in the matorokosi genre, has been in a relationship for a considerable amount of time. However, it would appear that something is amiss in paradise because they are no longer posting to each other like they did in the past. Even Makhadzi’s one-woman show, at which he was supposed to appear as a special guest, was skipped over by Master KG.

There have been numerous reports of Master K and Nkosazana’s daughter being seen together, and as a result, many individuals are beginning to speculate that the two may be having an affair. On the other side, Makhadzi has been seen socializing with the well-known celebrity from Botswana who goes by the name Vee Mampeezy. People are beginning to believe that these two are having an affair because they have been seen together so frequently, and in some photos, Mampeezy was touching Makhadzi in an inappropriate way. This has led to the spread of the rumor that the two are having an affair. Look out their pictures down below.



After that, an incensed Master K took to social media to issue a warning to Mampeezy. He told him to desist from what he was doing and to make an effort to fit into his shoes, despite the fact that they were too large for him. Everyone concluded that Master KG was talking about Makhadzi despite the fact that he did not explain what he was talking about. People no longer like Master KG because he did not attend Makhadzi’s one-woman show, and they are taking the side of Mampeezy because he has been supportive of Makhadzi recently. The reason for this is that Makhadzi has been performing solo shows recently.

Mampeezy didn’t fight back when Master KG put many postings cursing at him, but Mampeezy did respond by saying, “you can’t stop me from traveling to South Africa since you are neither Ramaphosa or Malema.” Master KG didn’t respond to Mampeezy’s posts. Yesterday, the entirety of social media was on fire as these two teased one other over and over again. But Master KG ultimately deleted those posts from the forum. It’s possible that others were urging him to quit acting like a child by battling for a lady on social media, and he took their advice and stopped doing it.