Master KG got in trouble after he posted this photo

Master KG got himself in trouble after he took it to his twitter page and post picture of himself with Minnie Dlamini together with Minor League Twins but he forgot to tag them. Mzansi have been asking him in twotyer why did he only post Minnie and why he didnt tag Minor League Twins. With caption: “Cape Town vibes @MinnieDlamini”.

Mzansi have been calling him of having his own favourite personal afternhe was being accused. Master KG who I currently on a tour of Jerusalem has been spotted in Cape two mingle Minor League Twins and Minnie Dlamini Jones. Master KG is without a doubt, one of the best house music musicians, as well as producers in South Africa. This is evidently seen in his 2018 Skeleton Move album which bagged a number of nominations and awards.

Master KG, is a South African musician and record producer. Born and raised in Tzaneen, his debut studio album Skeleton Move achieved acclaim including an AFRIMA Award for Best Artist/Group in the African Electro category. He is also known as the pioneer of “Bolobedu” dance. He has been making waves in the industry ever since he landed in the industry. It’s no doubt that he has changed and his no longer associate with his types but he has elevated himself.

In one of other picture he postedbhe was seen with Zakes Bantwini. Master KG has become of of unresistable artist that everyone want to collaborate with. Jerusalema went viral during the isolation and loss caused by COVID-19 lockdowns world-wide. It has resonated with people who may not understand the isiZulu lyrics, but understand its inherent religious theme, because of associations with the biblical city Jerusalem.

His accomplishment in music creation and creation can be credited to his initial prologue to music. Expert KG ceaseless devotion and energy in music has been his main impetus in accomplishing a ton at an extremely young age. This has empowered him to think of different hits in the house music kind, for example, Skeleton Move where he highlighted Zanda Zakuza. The youthful performer is a genuine motivation to the youthful and forthcoming creatives who are planning to make an imprint in the exceptionally aggressive field.