Masechaba Ndlovu about being [email protected] by Jub Jub

Exposed Masechaba Ndlovu was lying all along about being [email protected] by Jub Jub. Can a day pass without new shocking details in Jub Jub’s ongoing series of drama? The answer is no. There’s a latest development as Masechaba Ndlovu who alleged she was raped when she was 9 years old by her father now claims Jub Jub took her [email protected]

In 2019, Masechaba Ndlovu opened up and shared how for three days she was s.xually abused as a nine-year old by her stepfather. These details came out in an emotional interview with Mac G on his podcast.

My first s.xual encounter was with my stepdad, unfortunately. I was nine and he molested me. When my mother (was not there), we were in the States. My mom left me with him… as we think it is acceptable to leave a child with her father… Uhm, for two-three days he held me hostage and he basically s.xually abused me,” she recounted.

Having gone through all the trauma that comes with being abused, Masechaba said she had recovered and is fully healed emotional-wise.


She also shared about the effects of having been in abusive relationships in that she then wanted nothing to do with men. This was for a long time until she completely healed and picked that it’s about people, criminals and not genders to do with it. She says that’s why she’s against movements such as #menaretrash.

Due to her journey throughout that course, she explained about how she now understands what victims of abuse go through.

“I’ve been in abusive relationships, I think that’s what people didn’t understand but I think people finally get it after my Behind The Story interview.”, she added.

Despite all this, Masechaba has now come out today to accuse Jub Jub of and taking her v1rginity. This also comes as an aftermath of Amanda Du Pont coming out to accuse the same Jub Jub of rape, physical abuse and attempted murder.

The rest of South Africa is in waiting of the fate that will befall Jub Jub in the wake of all this and also wondering if other women will also come out against him.