Masechaba is labelled as a liar that Jubjub [email protected] her

After making all the accusations that Jubjub has raped her, Mama Jackie and the whole of South Africans asks Masechaba on how many times she has been a [email protected]

Masechaba said that Jubjub is the one who raped her and took her virginity, and then again she once revealed that her father also raped her while she was only 9 years old and took her virginity as well. South Africans do not know what to believe when it comes to Masechaba.The way Mama Jackie describes Masechaba Khumalo it looks like she never met her, that is why she wants her to explain that how her house is like. Mama Jackie and South Africans are still waiting for Masechaba to state her valuable facts about the whole situation because so far they think that she is lying.