Marang Will Be Left Under Hot Water When She Finds Out This On The USB#Muvhango

Muvhango as the hottest drama show on television, it is by far the best show that has so much drama.

As we all know muvhango has been dishing out hot story lines lately ,sadly that vho mkondeleli had to die in the process, however she will forever be missed and remembered.

Her funeral is set to take place on friday as she is laid to rest .


On the upcoming story line,Tenda is has received a gift that has had him to have a heart attack,whatever was in the USB must have been very private and confidential news.

What was in the usb made him to have a heart attack which was very much bad news to his eyes.

However after tenda was taken to hospital,marang was left with the usb and now she is attempting to open up the usb to see what is in it.

Tune in tonight on muvhango.